MENU - June 26th

Olive oil, salt, and pepper are the only additional ingredients you will need to have on hand for the recipes. We have Rockfish this week, another great sustainable seafood option from Virgin Bay Seafood. This Alaskan whitefish has a firm, flaky texture and is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

A reminder that in lieu of our regular MEEL kit and prepared food deliveries next week (July 3rd and 4th), we are doing an optional 4th of July Cookout Essentials delivery on the 3rd for those that will be in town and want to fire up the grill! Our normal deliveries will resume the following week, July 10th. Have a great week!

click MENU image ABOVE for this week's menu!

click MENU image ABOVE for this week's menu!


HOW TO CUT A MANGO - The vegetarian recipe this week calls for cutting your mango into strips. You can peel the mango first and then cut into strips or watch this quick video to learn the proper way to easily cut a mango! Very similar to cutting an avocado.


We now have Le Bar Granola Bars in the Marketplace! These are a wonderful, healthy snack to have on hand and will keep in the refrigerator for months. Stop by the Richland Farmers Market on Saturdays or the 12South Farmers Market on Tuesday afternoons for a sample!
MEEL kit subscribers always have FREE DELIVERY on Marketplace items delivered with your meal kit each Monday and Tuesday. Simply use the promo code "MEALKIT" at checkout. 

For new subscribers: If this is your first delivery, there is nothing you need to do except wait for fresh, local ingredients to show up on your doorstep! Notification will be sent via text message once deliveries have been made. 

For previous subscribers: If your subscription ended last week (or you had a one week trial or giftcard) and you are not renewing, please remember to place your wood crate and any reusable containers from the previous week's delivery (hot/cold bags, glass jars, spice tins, ice packs, & burlap bags) on your porch before 3pm tomorrow for pickup. Unreturned wood crates will be billed at $15 per crate and unreturned jars, spice tins, and hot/cold bags $3 each.

Questions? Email at any time and we will get it sorted out. Thank you for subscribing to MEEL!