FARM TO WORKPLACE: Promoting corporate wellness through convenience, community, and good food. 

Today, health and wellness benefits for employees are part of many corporate programs with social responsibility plans. A healthy employee increases work productivity, decreases insurance costs, and tends to spread optimism and positivity in the workplace. Many companies have embraced pooled CSA (community supported agriculture) shares being delivered to the office for their employees as part of their health benefits package with tremendous success in health, morale, and community outreach. MEEL takes the CSA bundle to the next level by including supplemental ingredients recipes for easy, healthy weeknight meals, all sourced from Nashville's local food community. Our Farm to Workplace philosophy can supplement corporate wellness goals by providing employees with the opportunity to prepare fresh, organic meals, in their own home, after a productive day at the office.

We make cooking at home after a busy day convenient, enjoyable, and rewarding, getting dinner on the table without sacrifing health and wellness ideals. We also add a new dimension to the office water cooler conversation- from dinner reviews to recipe sharing, building community in the workplace while also supporting the larger Nashville community.

Our weekly deliveries give employees everything needed to cook their weeknight meals (with leftovers for lunch), along with many other local food items to stock the pantry. From local farm eggs to artisanally crafted kombucha to grassfed meats, we bring Nashville's farmers markets right to the workplace and into their kitchens. Employees are less distracted by thoughts of what to make for dinner, online recipe searching, or budgeting precious time to get to the grocery to sustain their individual or familiy's health goals. Our ingredients are meticulously sourced from local, organic farms, with creative recipes that are fueled by seasonally grown produce. Deliveries are made directly to the workplace, choosing a drop-off location that is convenient for the organization and not disruptive to the workday. Each subscriber will receive a text notification when their wooden crates have arrived, awaiting pickup at the end of the day.

Less time spent fretting about what’s for dinner, searching the internet for recipes, and budgeting time for a grocery run means less work-day stress, less distraction, and ultimately more productivity, while also connecting our community through good food and preserving Tennessee's rich agricultural heritage.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.”
- Hippocrates (Father of Western Medicine)