Bao Buns from Bao Down (6-pack)

Bao Buns from Bao Down (6-pack)


Dim sum at home! Spice up your weeknights with a little Chinese street food! Bao buns from Nashville's Bao Down are now available in packs of 6, ready to steam and eat. Choose from:

Char Siu Bao - a savory bbq pork bun
Mushroom Bao - shiitake, bamboo shoots, ginger, tao sing wine
Curry Chicken Bao - coconut braised chicken, peas, and basil

The buns are easy to steam in any kind of steamer but if you happen to have an inexpensive bamboo steamer on hand, you can read HERE and HERE for instructions on how to use it. Like MEEL, Bao Down believes in supporting local farms and farmers here in Tennessee to help promote sustainability in our community. These buns are made with ingredients that you can trust but they are NOT gluten free.

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