MEXICO (serves 4-8)

MEXICO (serves 4-8)

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Take a little trip to the Pacific coast of Mexico, San Pancho and Yelapa style. Tacos de pescado for a party of 4 or 8. (Pescetarian, Gluten free)

What’s included:
1# (or 2#) Pacific Cod (Virgin Bay Seafood)
12 (or 24) non-gmo corn tortillas (Santo Niño de Atocha)
1 jar Salsa Verde (Ousley Ouch)
½# (or 1#) baby greens (Pond Creek Gardens)
4 ounces feta (Noble Springs Dairy)
1 (or 2) avocados
Aloha spices
Fresh limes
1 lb. Rancho Gordo Midnight Black Beans
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What you’ll need:
Hot sauce
Negra Modelo (or margaritas!)

Tacos take 30 minutes or less to prepare. Beans will take longer but can be soaked and cooked ahead of time.

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