New orders must be received by 5pm on Wednesdays to receive a MEEL kit delivery the following week. Deliveries occur each Monday and Tuesday 2:30-5:30pm, based on neighborhoods. Notification by text message is sent once your crate is delivered. Perishables are stored in an insulated bag that will preserve ingredients for 2 hours. Weekly menus include details of locally sourced ingredients, providing a personal connection to the community where your food is grown. If you require a gluten free delivery or any other simple dietary restrictions, please let us know in the "note to seller" box at checkout. 

THE MENU - Unlike other meal kit subscription services, we do not offer a variety of menus to choose from each week. Since we source all of our ingredients from local farms in the Nashville area and create meals around those ingredients, seasonal availability dictates what’s on the menu each week. In that regard, our service is similar to the experience of a CSA, but includes recipe cards and all of the supplemental ingredients you need to turn “what’s in season” into creative dinners. Don't like the element of surprise or simply need more choices? Try our Dinner Bundles!

The OMNIVORE crate is designed for flexible eaters. One meal each week includes sustainably sourced meat or fish and the second meal is a plant based vegetarian meal, a great option for meatless Mondays.

Our CARNIVORE ADD-ON is for those subscribers that prefer a side of animal protein with their vegetarian meal.

We also offer a VEGETARIAN crate for our meatless subscribers, delivering one meal per week with 4 servings and a baguette from Dozen Bakery.

A $5 delivery fee will be applied to deliveries in Franklin, Antioch, and some areas of Brentwood, $7 for Nolensville and South of Franklin.


Ready for your first delivery? There is nothing you need to do except wait for fresh, local ingredients to show up on your doorstep! Notification will be sent via text message once deliveries have been made.  


Can't plan a month in advance? We get that. Put a week (or two) on hold or specify certain weeks to space out your deliveries- whatever flexibility works for your busy schedule. Place subscription on hold at anytime by opting out the week before by Wednesdays at 5pm (simply send an email to eat @ The monthly subscription is for 4 deliveries which don't necessarily have to be 4 consecutive weeks (but we think you'll enjoy having deliveries every week...!) If a cancellations comes in after 5PM on Wednesday, we charge a $25 late cancel fee to help cover the expenses incurred up until that point (we begin placing our farm orders at 5PM on Wednesdays and cannot make changes once those orders are processing). If a cancellation comes in on Thursday, we charge a 50% late cancel fee. And after 5PM on Thursday, we do have to charge for the whole crate as if you received it (or you can opt to have it delivered to a friend or relative as a gift, or we can donate it.) 



Most items listed in our Farmstand require 48 hours to process, with deliveries occurring each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. Order by 10PM on Monday to receive a delivery on Thursday, or by 10PM on Friday to receive a delivery the following Monday/Tuesday. A text message will be sent 24 hours before your expected delivery. If ordering perishable food items that are to be delivered without a MEEL kit, please leave a cooler out or purchase an insulated bag from our Marketplace below. 

Deliveries occur each Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 2:30-5:30pm. Notification by text message is sent once your crate is delivered.


We are committed to reducing the distance our food has to travel, from the farm through our front doors, and strive to provide subscribers with a true locavore experience. We offer delivery each week to most Nashville neighborhoods based on the following schedule:

Mondays - 12South, Belmont, WEHO, Green Hills, Belle Meade, West Meade, Bellevue, Sylvan Park, Hillsboro-West End, Forest Hills, Brentwood, and Franklin.

Tuesdays - Nations, Germantown, Salemtown, East Nashville, Downtown, Donelson, Antioch, Brentwood, and Franklin.


REDUCE, REUSE. We create minimal waste with our packaging. MEEL kits are delivered in our signature re-usable wooden crates (crafted in Southern Georgia) with returnable glass jars and insulated bags for perishables. Whether you are a doing a trial or choose to subscribe monthly, we pick those items up from you the following week with your next delivery, saving our landfills from unwanted rubbish (a text message reminder will be sent the day before pickup). Our prepared foods are packaged sustainably in nontoxic, compostable, plant based containers and glass jars. No food waste, no trash.


If you had received a one week delivery and are not continuing with the service, please remember to place your wood crate and any reusable containers from the previous week's delivery (hot/cold bags, glass jars, spice tins, ice packs, & burlap bags) on your porch before 2:30pm on the day of pickup (a text message reminder will be sent the day before your pickup). Unreturned wood crates will be billed at $20 per crate and unreturned jars, spice tins, and hot/cold bags $3 each.