Elderberry Syrup (Warren's Post)

Elderberry Syrup (Warren's Post)


This is the perfect time of year to stock up on elderberry! Elderberry syrup has been used throughout history to provide a boost to your immune system and to ward off illness. The berries of the Sambucus Nigra plant have natural immune boosting properties that are shown to fight flu and colds faster and more efficiently. Use this syrup whenever the weather starts to change. When the mornings get cooler, its time to start taking your elderberry syrup!

Elderberries have a long history as a folk cure for a variety of ailments. Elderberries in the form of elderberry syrup have been shown to boost immunity, decrease mucous production during colds and fight the flu. The syrup lasts about three months in the refrigerator.

Ingredients include local honey but also available in a baby-safe version that uses maple syrup. (8 ounces)

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