The Peach Truck - Georgia Peaches

The Peach Truck - Georgia Peaches

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Georgia peaches from The Peach Truck peaches delivered each week to your front door!

Are you ready for peach season? We are super excited to collaborate with The Peach Truck this season, adding their succulent Georgia peaches to our virtual Farmstand. Sold in 3 pound bags (just like you find them at the Farmers Market) or as a 12 pound box.

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Are these peaches non-gmo or organic?
(FROM THE PEACH TRUCK) Our peaches are minimally treated. That means that spraying is always a last resort, never our first option. Our Farm does reserve the right, however, to protect the crop should it become vulnerable. Our farm is GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certified and it was the first peach farm in Georgia to receive that certification. That means that we have been recognized for not just the care of our wonderful fruit but also the care of the land and creating sustainable farming practices. Our peaches are, indeed, non-GMO.

For more information about The Peach Truck, visit their web site’s FAQs.

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