Organic Tempeh

Organic Tempeh

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Hand crafted in Woodbury, Tennessee from organic, non-GMO beans and grain. When thawed, use within 3 days or re-freeze. (1 lb. packages)


Basic Cooking Instructions: Defrost the tempeh and cut it into appropriately sized pieces. Heat a pan generously coated with cooking oil (we love coconut, but any will work) and lightly fry until golden brown. Finish with tamarin. Serve with your favorite sauce. Tempeh is also great baked or grilled with the marinade of your choice. Tempeh can be tacos, sandwiches, stir-fry, salads, chili, or burgers.

Short Mountain Cultures is dedicated to crafting fresh, unpasteurized tempeh using organic, non-GMO and USA Grown (Tennessee when possible) ingredients. 

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