Sequatchie Cove Creamery (cheese selections)

Sequatchie Cove Creamery (cheese selections)

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Sequatchie Cove Creamery is a family run business owned and operated by Nathan and Padgett Arnold in Sequatchie, Tennessee. Their small creamery is 100% solar powered and strives to be as sustainable as possible. The cheeses of the creamery are all made everyday using the freshest raw cow's milk produced directly on the farm. Every step is painstakingly taken to ensure safety, quality, and an expression of the local "terroir", which to them is very much a Savoie of the South.

Each cheese is hand cut by The Bloomy Rind and packaged in 4 ounce wedges.

CUMBERLAND (raw milk, aged 75 - 120 days)Named for the towering plateau that envelops Sequatchie Cove Farm, which also happens to be the world's longest hardwood-forested plateau. Cumberland is a simple yet flavorful Tomme-style natural rind cheese with a smooth semi-firm texture. Fruity, earthy, and slightly tangy with notes of sweet hay and cultured buttermilk, its versatility and approachable flavor make it equally at home in the kitchen and on the table. Pairs nicely with drier white wines such as a dry Riesling, fruity beers, green pears, pecans, and strawberry or cherry preserves. Perfect in salads or melted in almost any dish.

SHAKERAG BLUE (raw Milk, aged 6 months) - Shakerag Blue's colorful name is derived from both the beautiful Shakerag Hollow known for its wildflowers and rich moonshining past, as well as an old Prohibition era method of either alerting moonshiners to approaching revenue agents, or as a way to procure some white lightening of one's own. An ode to all things Southern, Shakerag is a crumbly yet dense blue-veined cheese cloaked in local fig leaves which have been soaked in Chattanooga Whiskey, the first legal whiskey being distilled in the city since Prohibition. Its salty-sweet and fruity interior is reminiscent of root beer, and lends itself to more complex notes of savory bacon, dark chocolate, and tropical flavors towards the rind. Pairs nicely with Chattanooga Whiskey, barley wine, root beer, dried fruits, and raisin toast. Crumbles well for salads and steaks, and deserves a prime spot on the cheese board.

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