chicken piccata with watercress & radish salad
black bean shiitake tacos with cilantro-jalapeño sauce

harissa roasted sweet potatoes with french lentils
tomato glazed meatloaves with rustic potato-kale mash
gnocchi with meyer lemon & spinach pesto
cajun cod cakes with remoulade

stormy night carrot soup with dukkah
turkey coconut red curry meatballs

white bean fondue
chicken tagine

green curry kale with crispy coconut tempeh
vietnamese chicken salad

collard wraps with roasted vegetables
pan-seared salmon with tomato & micro greens

farro with roasted squash, feta, & mint
korean beef bowls with turnip noodles

harak osbao (syrian lentils)
italian wedding soup

weeknight lamb biryani
roasted yams & chickpeas with lime yogurt & spinach
lentil & sausage stew
casa moro chickpea salad
chicken & ginger stir-fry with kale rice
potato cakes with swiss chard, taleggio, and basil oil
umami meatballs
winter squash carbonara
shrimp tacos with chipotle mayo, sprouts, feta, pickled onions
west african peanut soup
lamb quesadillas, kale yogurt raita
soft polenta with mushrooms
chinese new year potstickers
hot & sour soup, scallion pancakes
roast chicken with butternut tahini purée
toasted farro salad with winter root vegetables
spicy pork & mustard greens soup
saag paneer
yuzu glazed salmon & bok choy
winter dish of potatoes, onions, and melted cheese with greens
lamb tortilla bake
lentil tacos with asian herb salsa
chicken paprikash with pea shoots
chana masala with firepot chai & watercress raita


grilled polish sausages with summer squash, blue cheese, & pecans
okonomiyaki (japanese vegetable pancakes)
thai green curry with chicken, green beans, & zucchini
summer succotash with poached eggs
niçoise pacific cod with crispy purple potatoes
fresh pasta with summer squashes, herbs, and honey
sausages with peaches & pickled chiles
rustic heirloom polenta with eggplant sauce
eggplant & ground turkey stir-fry
grilled squash, corn, & kale salad with sunflower seed vinaigrette
lamb & beet meatballs with cucumber yogurt dressing
gazpacho andaluz & summer squash fritters
chilled cucumber soup with pan-seared salmon 
toasted panzanella with fennel & cured olives
sweet peppers with heritage pork & rosemary
pasta alla norma


thai beef with basil
sweet potatoes with dal & watercress
warm spinach salad with cannellini beans and shrimp
campanelle with garlicky turnip rapini
garlic sesame broccoli rabe with panic chicken
sesame soba and omelet salad
pork & asparagus stir-fry
sri lankan beetroot curry
watercress salad with sablefish
eclectic quinoa bowl
chicken souvlaki with spinach tzatziki, potatoes, & feta, pita
soft polenta with asparagus, prosciutto, fried egg
italian sausage & radicchio pasta
cauliflower quinoa salad
skirt steak salad
spinach, broccoli, cilantro soup with yogurt feta swirl & dukkah roasted chickpeas
salmon burgers with brioche buns & miso turnips
spring vegetable panzanella with garlic scape pesto
argentinian grilled chicken with chimichurri & grilled romaine
oven risotto with leeks & taleggio
steak tacos with cilantro-radish salsa
beets & berries with an herbed goat cheese tartine


piri piri chicken with roasted potatoes & baby lettuces
dhal with sweet potato leaves & tomatoes
moqueca (brazillian seafood stew with coconut & tomato)
egyptian grain bowl with barley & grilled vegetables

stuffed turkey burgers on brioche, oven roasted okra
warm lentil salad with zucchini, burrata, & basil vinaigrette

sausage & potato pan roast with brewmaster mustard vinaigrette
browned butter gemelli with sage, tatsoi & toasted pine nuts
lahmacun (turkish pizza with spiced lamb)
roasted butternut squash with kale, halloumi, & dukkah

peppery tuna with dilled potato salad & arugula
brown rice & millet ramen with pac choi & duck eggs

spicy pork & mustard green soup
cauliflower & wild mushroom roast

korean beef lettuce wraps
autumn harvest salad

keralan fish curry
spicy squash salad with lentils, arugula & goat cheese

provençal chicken & braised spinach
falafel salad with beetroot tzatsiki

potato apple latkes with smoked salmon, feta & quick pickled onions
oven-baked risotto with grilled mushrooms