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Each trial MEEL Kit includes ingredients & recipes for two meals, hand delivered to your front door, and includes pickup the following week of returnables (wood crate, insulated bag, glass jars). Our MEEL kits have very minimal waste! You can choose to feed either 2 or 4 people. Visit our FAQs for details about menus, when to expect your delivery, managing subscriptions, sustainable packaging details, and more!

OMNIVORE CRATE - Designed for flexible eaters with one meal each week including sustainably sourced meat or fish and the second meal a plant based vegetarian meal (a great option for meatless Mondays.)

CARNIVORE ADD-ON - Not crazy about vegetarian meals or trying to follow more of a Paleo diet? This add-on is for those subscribers that prefer a side of animal protein with their vegetarian meal. ach week, we will pair and deliver a locally sourced meat to supplement the vegetarian meal, rotating through Wedge Oak Farm or Hippo Hollow Farm sausages, Virgin Bay Seafood, Bells Bend Grassfed beef, fresh farm eggs, Glendale Farm organic chicken, and more. 

VEGETARIAN - This option is for our meatless subscribers, delivering one plant-based vegetarian meal per week with 4 servings. Includes a baguette from Dozen Bakery.

Carnivore Add-on?:
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