MENU 4/16

For this week's recipes, olive oil, salt, and pepper are the only additional ingredients you will need to have on hand. The week's menu is below...  enjoy the spring greens and radishes and have a great week!



As most of you know, we like to provide artisanal, naturally leavened bread with our meal crates as often as the budget allows. We began this endeavor many years ago partnering with Bella Nashville, and then more recently with Village Bakery. But just as the seasons change, the time has come for us to make a change. Beginning April 23rd, we are excited to announce that delicious, crusty baguettes from Dozen Bakery will be gracing our MEEL Kits and Marketplace. We are thrilled with this new partnership! Dozen was founded by Claire Meneely as a pop-up bakery in 2009. She is a strong, creative visionary and now operates an impressive bakery and café in the Wedgwood-Houston neighborhood. Her baguettes provide a little taste of France just off of 8th Avenue, and, beginning next week, at your front door. Our plan is to add additional products from Dozen in the near future (sandwich breads, pastries, cookies, pies, etc...) and we will keep you posted as those plans evolve.

 click MENU image ABOVE for this week's menu!

click MENU image ABOVE for this week's menu!


If this is your first delivery, there is nothing you need to do except wait for fresh, local ingredients to show up on your doorstep! Notification will be sent via text message once deliveries have been made.  

If your subscription ended last week (or you had a one week trial or giftcard) and are not renewing, please remember to place your wood crate and any reusable containers from the previous week's delivery (hot/cold bags, glass jars, spice tins, ice packs, & burlap bags) on your porch before 2:30pm tomorrow for pickup. Unreturned wood crates will be billed at $20 per crate and unreturned jars, spice tins, and hot/cold bags $3 each.


Have questions or need to change your delivery dates? Email us at any time! Remember that the cutoff for changes to the following week's delivery is each Wednesday at 5PM. If a cancellations comes in after 5PM on Wednesday, we charge a $25 late cancel fee to help cover the expenses incurred up until that point (we begin placing our farm orders at 5PM on Wednesdays and cannot make changes once those orders are processing). If a cancellation comes in on Thursday, we charge a 50% late cancel fee. And after 5PM on Thursday, we do have to charge for the whole crate as if you received it (or you can opt to have it delivered to a friend or relative as a gift, or we can donate it.) Thank you for subscribing to MEEL!


Be sure to check out our new FARMSTAND BOXES! These specialty boxes provide an easy (and seasonal) foundation for your weekday eating. Particularly for those that don't subscribe to a CSA during the growing season. And they make a wonderful gift!


We have an upcoming cooking class on April 26th at The Kitchen on Highway 100 in Belle Meade near the Highway 70 split. The Kitchen has a great selection of cooking supplies and a beautiful little cooking space in the back. Along with the class, you will have a private shopping experience in this unique space. The class is limited to 10 people and we have a guest chef, Kayte Billerman, from New York that will be leading the evening, along with our very own Alan Horsnell. Kayte owns a vegetarian restaurant in Lake Placid and will be bringing her farm to kitchen approach from the Adirondacks to Nashville. Come cook with us and learn some new skills! Click here to register and for details.


FREE DELIVERY. MEEL kit subscribers always have free delivery on Marketplace items delivered WITH your meal kit each Monday and Tuesday. Simply use the promo code "MEALKIT" at checkout. Thursday deliveries do require a delivery charge.