Let MEEL help you to slow down, to nourish yourself or your family, or to impress your friends with healthy foods, creative recipes, and local products, delivered from the farm to your front door.

Our MEEL Kits, farmstand boxes, dinner bundles, and grocery selections allow subscribers to support local farmers and food artisans, even when life gets too busy for a trip to the farmer's market. 

Always running out of time to plan your meals?

We offer free delivery to many of Nashville's urban areas, allowing subscribers to prepare a wholesome meal, in their own home, without the planning and shopping, costing less than dinner at most local restaurants.

Worried about your health?

Our meal kits contain real food. No GMOs, mostly organic and biodynamic, grown and raised locally, with limited gluten and dairy. Each recipe is based on a whole foods diet (and we can offer dairy or gluten-free options as well). 

Got picky eaters?

For those with kids, we help make the family dinner more doable and therefore more enjoyable! MEEL allows families to work together in the kitchen with tasks for you and your sous chef, big or small, while cultivating a sense of adaptable eating for your family.  Studies (and experience) have shown that kids who help prepare the meal are more likely to eat it! But eating new foods is a skill that children learn to do gradually and for this reason, we also have our Kids MEELkid specific meals that are available as an add-on for those little palates that aren't quite as adventurous. We also offer a rotating selection of seasonal Dinner Bundles, allowing you to choose what's on the menu.

Don't have time to cook?

Let us do the cooking for you with our Marketplace selections! Shop our Marketplace each week and hand crafted foods will arrive at your doorstep, just in time for dinner! Seasonal soups, grass-fed beef meatballs, chicken pot pie, and more.

Want to keep it local?

Together, we support our local economy by buying and eating fresh food from local farms, even when seasonal CSA subscriptions and farmers' markets have ended. Through the Marketplace, we support our creative community of local food artisans, even when a trip to the farmers market isn't possible.

Want to keep it really LOCAL? 

Peruse the Marketplace each week for farmers market items that will make your weekday eating even easier. From a variety of dinner components to chef prepared foods to organic smoothie packs to freshly roasted coffee beans, stock your freezer with local meats and simplify your life with our healthy add-ons.

Want to make an impression?

"The way to my heart is with a garlic clove."  -Michael Franti, Spearhead

Enjoy a shared culinary experience, from prep to postres. Impress a date, surprise your family, break up the routine, or just have a little fun with friends or roommates.

Intimidated by cooking, but want to learn how?

Each meal kit includes simple, step-by-step instructions for meals that are ready in 45 minutes or less and contains everything you need (except olive oil, salt and pepper) to jump in and get cooking. It's a great way to explore new ingredients and preparations.

Need inspiration?

Let MEEL be the inspiration and overcome the intimidation of trying a new recipe or ingredient. We'll introduce you to inspiring food blogs, cookbooks, and other resources with curated recipes that you will return to again and again. We've been there and done that, literally, with each meal. Commit to the unknown and be surprised with what you like.

Concerned about the environment?

We are committed to reducing the distance our food has to travel, from the farm through our front doors, by delivering locally grown food to our local community. Our MEEL Kits are low waste - no unused ingredients going bad in the refrigerator or cardboard boxes and stacks of plastic bags to dispose of. Instead, we reduce waste by using glass jars and reusable wood crates & food containers. These items get returned to us each week, at no expense to the subscriber. Our Prepared Foods are packaged in plant-based containers that are fully compostable.

Wanderlust without the time to travel?

Experience a culinary adventure with each meal, like armchair travel but from your kitchen. Our recipes are often inspired and curated from world travel and personal wanderlust, with recipes culled from international sources. Think global, but eat local and let us share the story of local food with you, getting back to the ancient roots of each ingredient and how those food origins influence our markets today.